Why do I need Safe At Home?
When you are in an emergency situation you don’t have time to waste especially if your emergency call goes unanswered. Once you alert our monitoring centre we ensure you get the assistance you need promptly.
What if I fall and can't press the SOS button?
Our device is equipped with a fall detection sensor. However, users should still attempt to press the SOS button if possible.
What if I am unable to press the SOS button for any other reason?
The device is smart enough to contact us in many situations when you may be unable to do so and it also records your exact location.
Is the service only for seniors?
Certainly not! It can be used by people of any age including those who live or travel alone, unaccompanied children and anyone with special needs.
What is the range of the device?

Our device uses cell phone technology and so its range is the range of your lifestyle! You are covered wherever there is BTL/Smart signal depending which provider you choose.

Is the device water proof or resistant?
Our device offers robust water resistance and also protection from dust.
Do I need a landline or cell phone?
No, you don’t need any phone to communicate with us. Our device has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication.
How long does the battery last?
It depends on your settings but in the standard mode the battery lasts 3 to 7 days. When your battery is running low, we will call to remind you to charge it.
During what times can you respond to an alert?
All day, all night, weekends and holidays! Our call centre always has agents available to ensure your calls are answered.
Why do you need my personal/medical information?
Your information is confidential and will be shared with medical or security personnel only in an emergency situation so that responders can provide timely and efficient treatment even if for any reason you are unable to communicate.
What if I get lost?
Our device is equipped with GPS and location tracking, so we can track the device and send help.
What if my device is lost/stolen/damaged?
If the device is lost or stolen, we will attempt to track and recover it, but it cannot be used by anyone else unless it is reprogrammed. We offer a 9 month warranty on manufacturer defects. If the device must be replaced, you pay a discounted price. *Check the Pricing page for updated pricing.
What is my long term commitment?
There is no long term commitment. Your first purchase covers the cost of the device plus 2 months of service. Thereafter, you pay on a monthly basis. *Check the Pricing page for updated pricing.
What if I don't need the device any more?
You can gift your device to an individual or an organisation and we will reprogram it for them. *Check the Pricing page for updated pricing.
How do I bring this up with my loved one without hurting their feelings?
Tip 1:
Don’t suggest that his/her age is becoming a burden on you. Make sure to stress how it will positively impact his/her life. Remind him/her that you are always there even after he/she gets SafeAtHome.

Tip 2:
Bring up the topic after something happens. Do you know someone who recently had an accident or emergency? Or has your parent experienced an emergency or a scare recently? Keep your tone comforting and sincere rather than bossy, threatening or overbearing.

Tip 3:
Parents might reject an alert device and say a phone works just fine. A phone may be out of reach and involves pressing multiple buttons and navigating screens, but a SafeAtHome device can be worn at all times and works with the push of just one button and has additional safety features that a phone doesn’t.

Tip 4:
Bring up the topic when you see an advertisement on TV for any security or alert service.

Tip 5:
Bring up the topic during an activity, like when you are out on a walk together, are in the kitchen cooking together, are on a drive to visit family or friends, etc. They key is a comfortable, non-confrontational setting.

Tip 6:
You may not be able to help if there is an accident while you are at work, on the road or out of town, but help will always be available with SafeAtHome. Fall detection is a great safety measure. With 24/7 service, Mom and Dad will get immediate assistance.

Tip 7:
SafeAtHome is not just for wearer, but for their family. Maybe your parent wants to provide a sense of comfort to his/her children and grandchildren.

Tip 8:
Use statistics to show the realities of aging; 1 in every 3 adults age 65 years and over falls each year; falls are the leading cause of injuries in older adults; millions of older adults worldwide go to the emergency room for fall-related injuries each year.

Tip 9:
Your parents may hesitate due to misconceptions. They may think it’s difficult to use, bulky or that it is only for help if you have fallen. Those perceptions might make them feel older and more helpless. Stress all the other features.

Tip 10:
If your loved one still resists an alert system, it’s time to start bargaining. There’s probably something they’ve been asking you to do for your own good; quit smoking, sell the motorcycle, eat more vegetables, take them on a trip. Now is the time to compromise with a little quid pro quo.

What other services do you offer?
We offer additional services to ensure your loved one is #SafeAtHome. With #CallAtHome, we can call to check in on them while you are at work or out of town or according to an arranged schedule.

Our staff will ask questions based on your request, keeping the conversation friendly. Conversations often include:
• Inquiries into general well-being
• Reminders to take medication
• Recording of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc readings
• Discussion of recent sporting or community events

Many people now have security cameras, but they are often useful only after an event has occurred; if they have been inactivated, destroyed or stolen they provide no useful information.
#SpotCheckAtHome is off-site monitoring of your surveillance cameras. Any unusual, suspicious or hazardous event will be responded to immediately. You will be alerted if the cameras are inaccessible.

All our services have web accessible reports.