Safe At Home Features

The Device

Our device is small and lightweight, making it easy to wear or carry.  You have a choice of a lanyard to wear it around your neck or a pouch that fits around your wrist or arm, or you attach it to your keys.  It can be used by people from all walks of life including those who live or travel alone, unaccompanied children, aging and elderly and anyone with special needs. It functions as its own type of cell phone with built in microphone and speaker, so you don’t need any other phone to communicate with us and you are covered wherever there is BTL or Smart signal, depending which provider you choose. It is IP5X water and dust resistant with a long lasting battery.


Whenever you need medical assistance or sense danger, you simply press the SOS button for a couple seconds.  The device will send us your location and you will then be connected to one of our agents, who will ensure you get the assistance you need.  We keep your medical records and emergency contacts on file so that we can communicate with first responders and medical personnel efficiently and effectively. Even when you are not able to press the SOS button, Safe At Home offers protection. *The device has fall detection sensors.  If a fall is suspected, we will be notified with the location. *The device has movement sensors.  If there has been no movement for a predeterrmined amount of time, we will be notified with the location. *The device has location sensors.  If you have travelled beyond a predetermined distance from your home, we will be notified with the location. *If the battery is running low, we will be notified so we can call to remind you to charge it. *If at any time you become disoriented or loved ones are unable to reach you, we can track the device to determine your location.